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Them Flat Sole Adapter

$8.00 - $25.00 Coming #SOON
Them Flat Sole Adapter

*** These parts are made-to-order. Please allow up to three weeks for your order to ship. This may vary depending on order volume.***

This sole plate-to-boot adapter allows you to use just about any flat sole plate on a Them 909 or 908 boot. Because of the boot’s raised heel design, most sole plates will not fit without modification.

How to install these:
Them Flat Sole Adapter Installation Tutorial.

This kit is designed specifically for Them 908 and 909 boots.
It will not work well(if at all) for the Razors Cult boots, Roces M12/5th Element boots, USD Sway boots, etc.

Heel adapters sold in pairs(left and right).

The adapter attaches to the heel of the boot using the stock Them sole plate hardware. You will then need to drill holes in the boot shell with a 5/16”(8mm) drill bit to install UFS receptors. You can use your own standard UFS hardware or I offer hardware kits on this page so that you can get everything you need in one place.

Please enter your color choice(s) in the comments when confirming your order. Color options are in the last picture. Only chose one color per pair.

Optional hardware kits available:

UFS Hardware FULL SET -
This hardware set includes four UFS bolt receptors, two 25mm UFS bolts for the heel, two 18mm UFS bolts for the toe, and four washers for the UFS bolts. These small bolts head will work with any UFS frames, including the 50/50 Balance frame.
**Please use the washers if you have the room for them to prevent damage to your frames**
*washers not required with aluminum frames*

Sixmount hardware HALF SET -
This hardware set is for using Adapt/Symetrics sole plates. The heel wedge adapter has built in recesses for Adapt/Symetrics sole plate mounts for greater stability. The HALF SET includes all the hardware you need to mount a Symetrics sole plate to the heel wedge. If you want to mount your Symetrics sole plate to the front of the boot as well, please add two(2) of this option to your cart when purchasing(this will require drilling additional holes in your boot shells).

***Please allow up to three weeks for your order to ship. This may vary depending on order volume***