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Blade oxide steel(BO) or stainless steel(SS) bolts for rust protection.

4mm hex key needed just like most skate hardware.

Every frame bolt includes a stainless steel washer. Use them! They're just over 1mm thick and about 13mm wide.

7 sizes available for frame bolts:

8mm- Black oxide steel.
These will work for V4 Adapt Sixmount hardware. Probably too short to use as frame bolts.

10mm- Black oxide steel.
These are the same bolts that come with the cuff bolt option.

14mm- Black oxide steel.
Shorter than average. Works great for mounting aluminum frames to USD Carbons.

18mm- Black oxide steel.
Fairly standard length. Will work with most flat boots and Thems, Roces/Valo, etc.

22mm- Stainless steel.
Longer than average. For thicker than average soles and frame mounts.

25mm- Stainless steel.
Even longer than average. These don’t quite reach the heel receptor for Razors Cults.

30mm- Black oxide steel.
Perfect for the heel receptor in raised heel boots like Razors Cults.

Cuff Bolt:
The cuff bolts fit into most standard cuffs perfectly(Razors, Remz, USD, Them, etc.).
The bolt is very snug in the washer so no worries about your cuff shifting.
These will also be less likely to loosen since they’re two pieces.
Very low profile. The washer is cadmium plated steel and takes sharpie or paint very well.
The washer is 1.5mm thick. The bolt head is just over 3mm thick. The bolt itself is 10mm long black oxide steel and should be capable of replacing any standard cuff bolt.

All sold individually so make sure you choose the right amount.