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Cuff Bolt Kits and Parts

$4.00 - $20.00 Coming #SOON
Cuff Bolt Kits and Parts

*** These parts are made-to-order. Please allow up to three weeks for your order to ship. This may vary depending on order volume.***

These are cuff bolt kits and parts for all kinds of skates.
Choose from over 20 different colors.
Please add your color choice in the notes when ordering.
Every option comes in a set of 4 for a full pair of skates.

I use alloy steel screws with black oxide coating and I add thread locker so that they wont come loose from vibration and movement. You wont find a stronger option at this price.
The screws require a torx T30 tool, which is also available to order on this page in the drop-down option menu.

Now offering standard 4mm hex bolts in black and silver. Please mention in the order comments if you would prefer these. If not mentioned you will receive T30 Torx screws.


Two different sizes: Them(24mm) or Razors/USD(23mm).
This is ONLY the plastic washer. This is the best option for adding some color to your THEM 909 skates if you already have all of the cuff bolt hardware. It will probably work for those mid to late '00s RB TRS cuff bolts too. Probably some other skates as well. I think the RB Solo used a similar system.

Two different sizes: Them(24mm) or Razors/USD(23mm).
This is the best option if you're looking to replace the cuff bolts for any Them, Razors, USD, etc skate that uses a fairly standard 23mm wide cuff bolt.

This option is a FULL replacement kit for the Them 909 cuff bolts. It in includes the receptor, washer, and screw. This option is best if you've lost a cuff bolt receptor or you want to add the rockering option to your 908 boots or any other skate that uses a traditional cuff.

This is a replacement cuff bolt bushing for the newer Aeon cuff. The bushing fits tighter in the cuff, and the stock screw fits tighter in the bushing making them less likely to fall out.
No screw included since the Aeon cuff screws are kind of weird.

TORX T30 TOOL: The screws I use require a torx T30 tool. If you don't already have a tool, and don't feel like ordering one from somewhere else, then I got you.