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50/50 Core 2 Frame Walls

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50/50 Core 2 Frame Walls

*** These parts are made-to-order. Please allow up to three weeks for your order to ship. This may vary depending on order volume.***

These core frame walls are 3D printed, and made-to-order for the 50/50 Core System 2.

The frame walls are printed with CC3D PLA Max or Esun PLA+ on modified Creality 3D printers. The materials and frame walls have been tested on the 50/50 Core System 2 since September '20 and proven durable, taking all the abuses that aggressive in-line skating has to throw at them(depending on how you skate these parts may wear a little faster than tradition skate parts).

There are currently six models.

The TxxR series:

The TxxR series is a one-piece, lightweight wall with a modern, pre-broken-in "flat" groove that offers wheel bite protection. This design has a built-in 1mm rocker. A flat rocker design(T60F) is available upon request, just add it to the comments.

-T60R- 4x60mm wheels, 1mm rocker, 124mm groove split(122m on T60F).

-T65R- 4x65mm wheels, 1mm rocker, 114mm groove split.

The TKxxR series:

The TKxxR series is a "three-piece" design with separate walls, grind blocks, and sliders. This design is more durable as it allows you to replace the center grind block and the wall sliders to keep them going for as long as you want. As a result, the TKxxR series allows you to customize the color scheme. In addition, a flat rocker design(TK60F) is available upon request, just add it in the comments. The wall sliders can be removed/changed with a T20 Torx tool.

-TK60R- 4x60mm wheels, 1mm rocker, 124mm groove split.

-TK65R- 4x65mm wheels, 1mm rocker, 115mm groove split.

-TK60R/F- 4x60mm wheels, 0-1mm rocker, 122mm groove split. This option comes with machined aluminum spacers for the middle wheels so that you can skate them rockered or flat. This is the best option to be able to skate every kind of terrain and style.

-TK65+60R- 65mm on the outside, 60mm on the inside, 124mm groove split for size medium/250mm, 130mm groove split for size large/270mm.
TK65+60R rockering options:
-65mm outer, 60mm inner = 0.5mm rocker.
-64mm outer, 60mm inner = 1mm rocker.
-64mm outer, 58mm inner= 0mm rocker(flat).

-Grind blocks and frame wall sliders are one size fits all. You can buy extra parts right here:

The TKCrawford:

 The TKCrawford is a two-piece design, similar to the TKxxR series but with a flat sidewall. The TKCrawford is configurable up to 72mm wheel exterior/60mm interior for a 1mm rocker. For a flat ride, use 58mm wheels in the middle.
**This model requires 4mm deep wheel wells for wheels 1 and 4 in the soles plates**

-You can buy extra grind blocks right here:

Guy Crawford receives $5USD from every purchase of this frame wall.

Please allow up to three weeks for your order to ship. This may vary depending on order volume.

You can now order custom side wall text and/or art. Simply add the option to your cart along with your frame choice and then I will e-mail you to get your text and/or art.

Please enter your color choice(s) in the comments when confirming your order. Color options are in the last picture. One color max for TxxR series frames. Two Color max for TK series frames. If you want extra colors you can order extra parts right here:
**color may vary slightly from the pictures**

*These frame walls are made by home machines and by hand. While the aluminum cores makes them more than strong enough to skate, there is always a risk that skating equipment can break. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK*

*DO NOT leave these frame walls in a car or any other area that can get too hot as this can cause warping and/or shrinking*